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New York Restaurants Offering the Best Take-away Lunches

COVID-19 has given many of us plenty of time to explore new hobbies, such as cooking and baking. As the weather gets nicer, sometimes we need to turn in the apron, and allow these New York City chefs to provide us with a delectably diverse meal. As we all still deal with the radical shifts that Covid-19 created, it is always nice to know that there are still restaurants that can create some normalcy as they allow guests to bring home their delicious cuisines and even deliver the meals right to your doorstep. New York City, a top location with a wide variety of restaurants and cuisines has some of the best options for a delicious meal ‘to-go.’ and delivered

Here are our Top 10 restaurants in New York City for the best lunches to take On-The-Go and provide great precautions to keep you healthy and fed:

Aunt Jake’s

From Family styled-meatballs starters to Chicken Parmigiana, Aunt Jake's gives us three Manhattan locations to choose from, when deciding where our lunch will be picked up from or delivered. Aunt Jake’s, founded in 2015, and most well-known for their daily homemade pasta, gives the guests their take on “Italian food for the next-generation.” Guests are able to choose whether they want their portions in family-style, that serve up to three guests, as well as individually, to indulge in the Italian cuisine solo. Along with the homemade pasta, Aunt Jake’s also has an array of wines hailing from Italy, California, Argentina, and France. Additionally, there is a unique option to create your own pasta dish with a choice of various sauces, and freshly picked ingredients and sides to accompany your pasta. Overall Aunt Jake’s gives a modern twist to the Italian cuisine that creates a wonderful experience for take-out, delivery or even enjoying the outside patio that is available, when the weather permits.

Miss Lily’s (East Village and SoHO Location)

Miss Lily’s, a Jamaican diner-style restaurant celebrates everything Caribbean, from the aesthetic of the interior design to the beautifully-thought out cuisines that are offered. In the midst of Covid-19, Miss. Lily’s developed this innovative idea of the Miss Lily’s Discovery Box. The restaurant delivers a meal kit on Fridays, for people who want to have a more hand-on experience in the Carribean cuisine. They even include a playlist to transform your home into the unique atmosphere that the restaurant site gives. They even include QR codes with cooking tutorials, completed with aesthetically pleasing packages that the food is delivered in. Along with the Discovery Box, they offer dinners through delivery site, Goldbelly, that can supply jerk wings to a main dish with several of their popular side dishes, and last but not least, they can deliver pints of their famed banana pudding. Miss. Lily’s is a great restaurant to jet off to Jamaica through their mouth-watering Caribbean cuisine.

Order from Miss Lily's and discover their menu here.

Buvette New York

Buvette, an international restaurant, bar and cafe brings the culture of European cafes into each location. From Croissants, Croque Monsieur, Avocado Tatrin and Cafe au Lait, Buvette allows its customers to be immersed in the European cuisine, but even more importantly during this critical time, allows their customers to order for pick up and delivery. Located in Greenwich Village, on a quaint street, you can even take a walk or sit outside on the chairs located right outside of Buvette. This is the perfect place to create a day in Europe( but really in NYC), and indulge in all of the delicious European cuisines that are carefully curated and prepared.

Order from Buvette here.

Buena Vista

Buena Vista, located in Hell’s Kitchen, provides its guests with an array of delicious dishes derived from the Latin America region. From classic Mexican Guacamole to the Grilled Argentine Skirt Steak and a Guava Basil Margarita, to so many more flavorful meal selections. You can order, on delivery site, Seamless, for Buena Vista’s food to be brought to your doorstep. They hope “to create the most vibrant and enjoyable modern-day Latin American gastro experience for its customers,” and with that in mind, they have cultivated a menu both food and drink to complete the culinary experience of Mexican, South American and Caribbean influenced cuisine.

Order from Buena Vista here.

Claw Daddy’s

If you have always wanted to visit New Orleans, Claw Daddy’s NYC may be a place to get your next lunch or dinner. Centered in up-and-coming Downtown Brooklyn, Claw Daddy’s is centrally located for pick up and delivery. Inspired by the Creole cooking tradition, they offer alligator bites, Creole Jambalaya, Po’ Boys and many more. Aside from these flavorful dishes, Claw Daddy’s is most famous for their Sea Boil with options of different seafood, sauce and spice level options, customized to your liking. With Covid-19 in mind, not only does Claw Daddy’s deliver and offer pick up, they also have regulations including temperature checks at the door, enforcing mask use and attaining contacts from each party, for tracing purposes, in the case that you and your friends decide to dine indoors. If you enjoy flavorful meals, fun cocktails and of course seafood, whether to deliver, pick up or dine in, Claw Daddy’s is the place for you.

Order from Claw Daddy's here and discover their menu.


Teranga, a pan-African restaurant, with delicious cuisines from the diverse continent of Africa, has some of the most favored staple foods that we all look forward to enjoying. From Hallal Chicken and Salmon Jollof Bowls, Casamance Kale Salad and Coconut Rice Pudding, you can find delicious and flavorful blends of spices and seasonings throughout the dishes that are offered. Teranga offers only pick up and delivery for the time being, however, you can enjoy their dishes in the comfort of your own home.

Order from Teranga and view their menu here.


With locations all throughout the New York City area, find your way to the closest Bareburger. If you want classic fast food including an array of seasoned wings, ice cream, Bareburger’s twist on classic fountain drinks, burgers and fries, Bareburger has all of these and more! With this in mind, the mission of this chain restaurant is to provide the fast foods that we all love, but with clean and organic products. They take pride in their environmentally-friendly approach to the curation of the menu. On their website, they provide you with a place to put your delivery address (or provide you with the closest location to pick up your order). If you are somewhere in the city, and you wander by Bareburger (or at home and craving some fast food) consider Bareburger for your next meal.

Order from Bareburger here.

Sylvia’s Restaurant

Sylvia’s Restaurant, also known as “The Queen of Soul Food,” is not only a historical sight in Harlem, Manhattan, but also a fantastic restaurant that provides delectable soul food dining. Although, dining in has always been a cherished experience, as it is a cherished landmark in Harlem, they have provided options for dine out and for their guests to still enjoy amazing dishes such as their Smothered Fried Chicken, Baked Macaroni and Cheese, their customized Harlem Blues Cocktail and plenty of southern deserts to polish off your sweet tooth. Along with being able to order for delivery or take out through Chow Now, they developed their own Sylvia’s app to order straight from the restaurant! Enjoy your Sylvia’s meal in the comfort of your very own home, from chefs who have also served celebrities such as Bruno Mars, Barack Obama, Nelson Mandela, Bill Clinton and current U.S President, Joe Biden.

Get your Soul Food fix from Sylvia's and order online here.

Liberty Bagels Midtown

On everyone’s NYC bucket list, is to eat a classic NY Bagel. For New Yorkers, bagels are serious business, and Liberty Bagels understands just that. From the trendy rainbow bagels, to cinnamon raisin and even the creative French toast bagel, New Yorkers and visitors can enjoy classic New York on-the-go food. Located in Midtown Manhattan, busy commuters and hungry foodies, alike can enjoy a multitude of different bagels and hand-made cream cheese as well as sandwiches to be ordered for delivery or pick up. The next time you want to eat like a true New Yorker, find Liberty Bagels in the midst of the busy Big Apple, to grab a uniquely flavored bagel.

Get some bagels from Liberty Bagels here.

SEA Thai

Last, but not least, Sea Thai, located in the community of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, is a great place to visit or order out from if you want to explore and experience the South East Asian cuisine. Although the ambiance is immaculate for a dinner, the food which will only be available through pick up and delivery has the ultimate delivery of what Sea Thai has to offer. It is available through Grubhub, Seamless, UberEats, Chownow and The range of flavorful dishes to choose from, to the presentation of each carefully crafted dish allows the savory and sweet flavors to be enjoyed, now, from home. From crispy Basil Spring Rolls, Red Sea Duck, an array of noodles and deserts as well, you can now enjoy Sea Thai from your home and immerse yourself in a carefully curated South East Asian cuisine experience.

Discover the menu and order from SEA Thai here.

Although the pandemic has changed our lives drastically, for people around the Big Apple, that does not mean the good food will come rare at the cost of your health. Each of these diverse and carefully curated cuisines offered by our top 10 Restaurants will allow for delivery and pick-up so that you can enjoy a fantastic meal in the comfort of your own home. So take advantage of the amazing meals provided by unique restaurants and stay safe and healthy in the meanwhile!

All photos and videos courtesy of all the restaurants mentioned in this article. CTW supports local businesses and restaurants during this challenging time. Order online and support your local restaurant.


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