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Fashion Inspired by Netflix: Top 10 Styles from our Favorite Flicks on TV

Netflix is undoubtedly one of the greatest guilty pleasures, encouraging you to be immersed in thrilling television shows and laughter-filled movies whenever and wherever you would like. Airing new television shows constantly, the streaming platform continues to break records—seemingly, with each release—and have social media overrun with fans of the flicks. Having such a large audience, Netflix Originals are beginning to impact more than just the emotions of viewers. In fact, the shows are influencing life off-screen, starting new fashion trends and altering today’s wardrobes, meanwhile encouraging Netflix lovers to bring their favorite characters to life.

Emily in Paris

Hosting one of the grandest fashion weeks in the world, Paris has always been a city known for its fashion and sophistication, a blueprint for the most timeless outfits. Emily in Paris is the perfect excuse to binge watch Emily’s experiences encountering Parisian chic and foreign romance. After airing this past October, Emily in Paris has caused much conversation about the French styling, many rushing to purchase clothing of similar taste. The ease and elegance of Parisian fashion has been admired across a multitude of social media platforms, signature all black outfits and pantsuits of minimal prints being the most sought-after looks sparked by the show. Watching Emily explore Paris and meeting French women dawning luxe heels, oversized belts, and statement coats, it’s difficult to not immediately online shop and fill your cart with the classic style.

Outer Banks

Released last spring, Outer Banks was the epitome of summer freedom during a time when the world was stuck in quarantine. The show offered a way to live vicariously through the show’s characters and their search for lost gold somewhere around the island. Unsurprisingly, the Netflix Original was a hit, and social media became the ultimate place to show off the playful, summery style: everyone’s Instagram feed filled with layered beaded necklaces, Hawaiian shirts, brightly colored crop tops, and a collection of woven bracelets adorning people’s arms. Though the show hasn’t released its second season yet, the first season’s beachy wardrobe is still one referred to when summer months arise, an effortless ease to the look that is irresistible.


Bringing the 1800s back in style may seem impossible; however, Bridgerton has accomplished such a feat with its surge in popularity after its release in late December. The show’s characters dawn ornate gowns of pale colors and A-line design, influencing today’s fashion as modern versions of these dresses have become extremely popular. Now, milkmaid dresses are yearned for—with puffed sleeves, ruched waistlines, and A-line structures—in an array of delicate floral patterns and muted brights; such dresses are ones you may have seen on influencers or advertised as trending while online shopping. Women’s use of corsets during that time in history has sparked a rush in bustiers and corsets in the 21st century. Adding an elegant flair to any outfit, social media is bustling with the waist-cinching style all thanks to the record-breaking Netflix show. Offering a modern touch on the timely Bridgerton wardrobe, it is difficult to see why design from the Regency era was ever left behind in the first place.

The Crown

One of The Crown’s most awing feats is the way in which the show replicates real-life ensembles worn by the British royalty precisely. Though the show’s first season was released late 2016, it has continued to highlight the most timeless fashion moments beginning from the early 1950s into the early 21st century. As one of the most graceful royals, Princess Diana has always been acknowledged and admired as a fashion icon, as her looks continue to be recreated even today. Watching The Crown allows Netflix fans to view her ageless wardrobe, once again. Her simple taste and love for fun patterns still influences fashion, as her monochromatic outfits and statement sweaters are found in today’s current styling. Whether Princess Diana’s sweater vests are more your cup of tea rather than adorning bright pink garments from head to toe in her confident fashion, the Crown ensures you get a glimpse into her actual closet. If you ever need any fashion inspiration from the trend-setter herself, Princess Diana’s glamor and grace emanates through the screen as The Crown illuminates her spirit through her charismatic wardrobe.

Stranger Things

Stranger Things is certainly a Netflix staple and must-see for anyone with access to the streaming service. Set in the 1980s, characters bring you along as they unravel supernatural mysteries and live through thrilling sci-fi adventures. That being said, the throwback outfits immediately began trending again after its release July 2016, almost 40 years later. Suddenly funky prints, scrunchies, big hair, and everyone’s favorite high-waisted pants were Instagram’s latest fashion posts. Influencers frequently snapped photos with baggy jeans and matching denim jackets, captioning their posts with clever quotes from Stranger Things or in grocery aisles with the show’s iconic Eggo’s waffle box. Eleven and her friends not only took Netflix viewership by storm—breaking both records and hearts left and right—but also created a mass impact on social media, ushering 80s fashion back into current-day style.

Queen’s Gambit

Showcasing fashion from the Cold War era, Queen’s Gambit is a Netflix masterpiece, the costuming being a large factor. The sleek, vintage style has created its own significance in modern fashion trends, encouraging people to wear simple turtlenecks, oversized checkered coats, and collared blouses. Large checkered coats are something of Beth Harmon’s trademark look throughout the show, and her iconic white wool coat is nothing less than perfection, so it is no surprise people are rushing to find these pieces for their own wardrobe. Turtlenecks are suddenly back in, offering a universally flattering shape and allure for any occasion. The luxe mid-century fashion of Queen’s Gambit is undoubtedly top tier, a brilliant Russian flair to present day fashion trends.

Alice in Borderland

If you are a fan of Netflix thrillers, Alice in Borderland should definitely be next on your watch list. In the Japanese show, three friends are transported into a parallel Tokyo where they face dangerous games in order to survive, a sci-fi drama that will have you on the edge of your seat. Due to Alice in Borderland being set in a wasteland version of the capital, the fashion is quite minimal. In contrast to typical Japanese fashion, the characters wear simple outfits: plain tees, basic hoodies, and standard swimwear. The simple style is refreshing and undaunting, an opportunity for fans and fashion-lovers alike to strip summer fashion back to the basics, making a statement in its ease and comfort. Though it has only been out since December, as we all anxiously await Season 2, bring Alice in Borderland fashion into your wardrobe this summer. Find yourself wearing your favorite bikini top with a pair of jeans or layering a tropical button down on top of your comfiest blue tee, welcoming summertime with a laidback ease.

Bling Empire

Bling Empire certainly lives up to its name. All glitz and glamor, the Netflix Original invites those searching for a new show to delve into a world filled with Los Angeles drama. Ever since it aired in January, the reality television show gives viewers a peek at the most up-and-coming fashion trends to add to their closets. With designer clothing from the most high-end brands, the couture is impossible to not envy. Jaime’s eye-catching white feather dress and crystal Chanel letter earrings have become one of the show’s most talked-about looks, people rushing to find similar garments for their wardrobes. The delicate feathery style of the dress creates an air of modern luxe, something that is extremely popular in today’s fashion world.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

In 2018, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina premiered on Netflix, and ever since, everyone cannot get enough of the show. Within its four seasons, it successfully influenced today’s fashion, as it introduced darkly colored wardrobe choices and a new appreciation for quirky sweaters. Much of the show’s costuming incorporated deeper tones such as black, burgundy, and navy blues, an impeccable selection when dressing for the colder months in autumn and winter. More influentially, however, Sabrina’s love for various sweaters translated into modern fashion. Social media began broadcasting outfits with sweaters decorated with funky patterns and unique designs, becoming increasingly popular. Though Sabrina’s mischief ended after Season 4, her fashion sense has continued to touch the hearts (and closets) of fans around the world.

Ginny and Georgia

Netflix’s new television release, Ginny and Georgia, has been the world’s most recent binge-worthy comedy-drama. Taking place in a New England town, the show follows Ginny and her family, meanwhile dressing to the nines. Ginny’s modern style is simple and effortless, allowing for teenagers to easily mimic her fashion choices, whereas her mother’s wardrobe is tasteful and elegant, her statement coats and wide leg pants adding a classy twist to today’s fashion trends. Georgia’s collection of blazers is undoubtedly making its way into people’s closets during spring months and her glamorous dresses for vibrant summer evenings. Ginny and Georgia is not only the perfect way to ramp up your closet, but also the perfect opportunity to enjoy one of Netflix’s favorite shows in the current Top 10.


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