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The Best Summer Brunch Spots in Arizona

The best restaurants to visit for your family and friends in Arizona. Your handbook to great eats all in one article!

It's safe to say as more restrictions are lifted and vaccines are distributed nationwide, everyone can’t wait to go back to the normal they know. Moreover, restaurants have been impacted severely among small and large businesses and it's no doubt changes have been made in the restaurant industry. As more restaurants open and adjust to ever changing restrictions, you can expect to visit these top 10 restaurants in Arizona whenever you get the chance.

Sierra Bonita Grill & Restaurant

Want to try Mexican food with an American twist? Sierra Bonita Grill might be your next favorite brunch spot. Founded by Henry Hooker in 1872, its old traditions and hospitality resonate with food and innovative critics state-wide. If you enjoy Mini Corn Quesadillas or Bacon-wrapped Shrimp, this place will tingle your taste buds and excite all your closest friends. During the pandemic, this restaurant is offering take-away options as well.

Pappadeaux Seafood Restaurant

Do you love tender Mahi Mahi or baked seafood pasta? This restaurant will amaze you with its upscale hospitality and invigorating menu. Pappadeaux Seafood Restaurant has been a family favorite for over two decades and its atmosphere has attracted local critics from all over the world. This restaurant still requires face masks until you are seated at the table & all servers are required to wear a mask at all times.

If you are tired of your local diners and want to get out of your comfort zone, then

Switch Restaurant & Wine Bar is a perfect place for you. This international cuisine is hard to miss as its captivating service and atmosphere attracts many. You can choose from an array of salads, cocktails, vegan options, and yes, even gluten free options too. Though masks are still required upon arriving at this restaurant, they do offer single-use menus to help prevent the spread of Covid-19.

This restaurant also features a uniquely designed atmosphere that serves as a perfect brunch location for everyone included.

If you love steak, I have the perfect place for you. Steak 44: Phoenix Steakhouse is a high-end restaurant located in central phoenix that boasts a USDA Prime Rib that has everyone on the seat of their pants. If you are lucky enough to beat the crowded reservation schedule, you can expect to embark on a high-class experience that is unparalleled. The menu features salads, a Prime Rib selection, and various sides that will for certain curb your hunger. They are currently open at full capacity and still following local guidelines regarding the current Covid-19 restrictions.

All photos are from the restaurants mentioned in this article. Support your local restaurants.


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