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Summer Destinations & Top Travel Picks in the USA

Your guide to the best vacation spots, hotels, and adventures for 2021 post Covid-19.

Volkswagen on the beach
Summer fun

We all know that this past year has been hectic for everyone - including the travel junkies. With Covid restrictions lifted in nearly every state, the nearly two year wait to travel is finally over. Summer has always brought dreams of adventure and weekend escapes, but you're probably left with the question: where exactly should I travel to now?

Well, good news. The U.S. has made swift advancements in distributing the Covid-19 vaccine, and our return to normalcy has finally begun. We all know you’ve been waiting to dip your toes in the sand, and you deserve it too. Perhaps you want to hike in the Glaciers, or prefer a more subtle weekend practice in the forests of Colorado. (We’ve got picks for all your ideas, and think you’ll like them too).

Now, let's dive into your next experience -

The Lifestyle Trip: NYC, New York

New York Sunset in the city
New York Sunset

Alicia Keys may be on to something. This place truly is the concrete jungle where dreams are made of. The hustle and bustle of the city will captivate your every move and leave you with plenty to do everyday. You can opt for a luxurious stay at the Mandarin Hotel or check out the multitude of Airbnb’s offered at nearly any part of the city. (I opt for Airbnb’s as they offer a more local experience for travelers to indulge in the everyday life of the city).

If you want to be near the action, I recommend staying near Midtown South or Hell’s Kitchen, where you can find easy access to local restaurants and probably one to many coffee shops.

This city is full of things to do, and it's many landmarks and historical settings make it a special place bound to excite its visitors.

Although this city has recently lifted all its Covid-19 related restrictions, nightclubs are now requiring proof of vaccinations throughout the city.

Walking distance from Hell’s kitchen to Central Park: 2 miles or a 9 min subway ride

The Beach Day: Key West, Florida

For those dying to dip their toes in the sand, this tropical island city is your next favorite spot. At the most Southern part of the United States, this city boasts privacy, luxury, and culture all in one.

Only 90 miles from Cuba, you’ll indulge in Cuban cuisine & seafood found nowhere else in the world. Yes, the Key Lime pie was first invented here too. Stroll down the famous Duval Street, lined with bars and tropical gardens that encompass everything that this small city is all about!

For those who enjoy warm white sand beaches, the Southernmost Resort offers refined rooms in a colonial style space with a beachfront property for those who prefer to spend their time relaxing. Only an 11 minute walk to the Ernest Hemingway House and Museum, travelers are in the heart of the city and a brief taxi ride to the airport.

This resort's vibe caters to guests who prefer a stay away from the hustle and bustle. Although, if that's more your style a perfect alternative is the Key West Barbary Beach House which frequently offers parties and events.

Walking distance from Southernmost Resort to the Ernest Hemingway House: 11 mins

The Remote Retreat: Anchorage, Alaska

Wilderness Mountains in Alaska
Wilderness Mountains

If you want to really disconnect from it all and indulge in something out of your comfort zone, this place is your next getaway. Leave your cell service behind and embark on an experience with the utmost privacy that meets all your nature needs.

This city is the stomping grounds for all rail travel in Alaska and journeys out all over the state. With trains leaving multiple times during the day, there's plenty to see on a typical day as a visitor. Train journeys travel to many of the area's best glacier hikes, kayak routes, float trips, and famous wildlife cruises.

If you prefer to stay put and spend your time reading your favorite book, the Alyeska Resort & Hotel might be up your alley (Don’t worry we won’t judge). This resort features modern style property accompanied by an upscale ski resort and mountain views for miles. You really can’t get this level of privacy anywhere else.

Yet if you are feeling really adventurous, you can dabble in whale watching or a cozy glacier tour on a catamaran. These dynamic tours offer gorgeous views of local scenery and the much needed quiet time you deserve.

Driving Distance from Anchorage Airport to Alyeska Resort & Hotel: 50 mins

The Wellness Adventure: Oahu, Hawaii

Mountains in Hawaii
Hawaii Mountains

The tropical islands meet luxury with ultimate scenery views. Each of the Hawaiian islands has its own unique offerings, with Oahu being the largest of them all. They recently have reopened to all transpacific travelers and are welcoming visitors from all over the world.

If you’re looking to mark a waterfall jump off your bucket list this year, then Manoa Falls will surely be exciting. This 150-foot waterfall is greeted by rich vegetation and scenery that will simply take your breath away. For the less spontaneous adventurer, the island also offers glass bottom tours on boats for a more unique perspective of the Pacific. You certainly will get your fair share of local marine life, while never leaving the comfort of your boat.

The local cuisine in Oahu is on par with tropical expectations and savory desires. Dive into local dishes such as Mahi Mahi or famous Acaí bowl for the fruit lovers. If you want to go out of your comfort zone, indulge in Poke (meaning “slice or cut” in Hawaiian) and it consists of raw, marinated fish accompanied on a bed of rice. This unique food has been on the islands for decades and is a staple for its locals.

Driving Distance from Honolulu Airport to North Shore: 50 mins


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