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Home Trends and Design for Summer 2021

Picture of outdoor luxury house with pool and patio

Summer is finally here and it's time to update your indoor and outdoor spaces. Here are the top interior design trends for summer 2021 that include bringing in some outdoor elements inside the home through biophilic design, museum-inspired pieces for the living room and sustainably made furniture.

Biophilic Design

Biophilic Interior design incorporating a variety of plants
Biophilic Interior Design

Biophilic design is all about capturing the look and feel of nature that helps promote human health. As we approach a time where health is of greater focus than ever, it should come as no surprise that biophilic designs are in.

Look to the Vegas Modern 001 for inspiration when it comes to understanding the luxury biophilic design look. This 15,000 square foot shoe home just opened for tours so don’t miss out on the opportunity to be truly inspired by biophilic design.

Also representing this trend is the Shanghai project that will build the new China Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Group’s (CECEP’s) headquarters using biophilic interior design, according to Nia Groce’s article.

Sustainable Design

Sustainable kitchen design ideas
Sustainable Interior Design

As the need for more eco-friendly approaches grows rapidly this summer, so does the trend of sustainable interior design. The ways in which you can help both the look of your home and the health of your planet are endless.

Now, more than ever, it is important to learn how can you protect your environment and more and more people are starting to see it.

This summer, hop on the trend of eco-friendly luxurious furniture that will redefine your home for the better. Discover eco-friendly glamorous furniture made with upcycled and organic furniture at Medley or eco-friendly, ethically sourced luxurious furniture from Paulette Cole’s company ABC Home who partners with a fair trade nonprofit called Label STEP.

Further, use your extra time this summer to give back to this planet and pick up a new hobby like horticulture! Horticulture takes us back to the 1970s in which a movement focused on giving back to nature sprouted.

Now, the trend is back and better than ever! Use greenery to simultaneously add a refreshing glow to your home while also adding more lovely plants to this beautiful planet. From beautifully potted plants to draping vinery, the options to add some green to your home are endless. Indulge in some of the finest home upgrades with house plants at CactusLimon for a premium succulent or cactus.

Museum-inspired pieces

modern art home decor
Interior Design Art Gallery

For the art connoisseur, this is the design trend for you.

Incorporating sleek sculptures and magnificent paintings into the design of your home adds a uniqueness that is impossible to replicate. Get lost in the sleek chiseled architecture or the distinctive paintings accentuating the walls.

This look is all about appreciating individuality. Since the summer is the time where many people find the time for self-exploration, it is no surprise that this particular trend is becoming popular.

Prepare to be inspired by the luxury home designed by James Aman and John Meeks that takes contemporary design to the next level.

Postmodern Statement Elements

postmodern furniture
Postmodern Architecture

The concept of postmodern art stems from the push towards pieces that contradict modernism and emphasizes the expression of the dawn of a new era.

This extends to sprightly designed furnishings today that are the perfect way to bring the vibrant art museum feel to your living room.

Discover some of the latest luxurious postmodern statement pieces from the latest statement pieces with Memphis Milano x Anthony Vaccarello that are shown on Saint Laurent Rive Droite's latest collaboration.

A Touch of Gold

A luxury bathroom accented with gold furnishing
Golden Bathroom

If summer 2021 had to be described in a singular color, it would be gold. Gold has a way of taking a simple room and making it look absolutely luxurious.

Learn to appreciate the golden hour of each day in a new light by adding golden accents to spice up your home.

For some of the best golden accessories, check out Versace’s home collection for some of the finest pieces. Your house will be golden in no time.

Further, bring the summer golden hour before sunset looks to the bathroom with the trendy golden accented freestanding bathtub. These luxurious tubs transport you into your favorite fancy spa or hotel for a relaxing experience that is like no other. The copper golden shimmer lights up the room with a pristine glow.

Relish in a cool bath in Sicis’ mosaic tub from 1stDibs after a hot summer's day. This tub made in Paris will give your bathroom an elegant and sophisticated look that everyone will admire.

Natural and Wooden Pieces

Wooden Lounge Chair
Relaxing By The Pool

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many of us to work from home so the need for wooden work desks, in particular, has skyrocketed.

The latest study table from Brain Dead and Modernica, transports you to a luxurious environment right in the confines of your home. Their desks are also offered in different varieties of wood so you can find the perfect fit for your home.

This summer is also all about relaxing and taking care of yourself. Lounge by the pool with luxurious wooden chairs that give your home an organic feel. The wood matches the design of a patio easily so it can be placed almost anywhere.

For some of the best wooden lounge chairs, indulge in Tom Sach’s new furniture releases that include a Lounge chair in the color natural wood.

All photos from this article are either sourced from the companies listed in this article or are free from copyright!


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