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Luxury Fashion Brand Glory by Jana Ele S Launches the Angel Collection in New York

Glory By Jana Ele S in New York Fashion Week this September 2021

Glory by Jana Ele S will present their first fashion show this year, with a collection entitled "Angel Collection" at the New York Fashion Week (NYFW) on September 18,2021. The event, also named as the "Angelic Show" is partnered with Efficiency Consulting and will be held at 393 Broadway New York NY, 10013. This highly anticipated fashion event aims to give back to 2 chosen young women in hopes to support their dreams and aspirations.


The inspiration of the Angel Collection has been a combination of the new and old values of the brand created by Jana Ele S. From the brand being previously known as Jana Ele S, the sought-after luxury fashion brand is now called Glory by Jana Ele S. Glory simply means the nature of God and is a faith based brand. Jana Ele S, the main designer, desires to inspire faith and love to all.

Glory by Jana Ele S Presents New Angel Collection this September 2021

Jana Ele S is considered one of the rising luxury fashion designers in New York and the inspiring designer still continues that signature modern edge look that she has been known for in her previous collections that were shown in Paris in 2016. For this year's latest Angel Collection from her new brand Glory by Jana Ele S, we see an added touch of elegance to her modern silhouettes.

The New Angel Collection

The latest Angel collection from Glory has a variety of colours that truly give the angelic theme such as ice blues, baby pinks, silver, charcoal, and green. When asked how she would describe her new collection, Jana Ele S shared:

"The Angel collection is where love met luxury. I want to share the reminder to all that Jesus loves you, as I am reminded everyday while I was designing this angelic collection inspired by my faith and love in Him.”

Jana Ele S, the designer behind Glory in one of the pieces from the Angel Collection for NYFW 2021

Made in New York

An important detail with the Angel Collection is that it is 100 % made by dedicated artisans and fashion artists based in New York and was designed and inspired in the capital by Jana Ele S, who herself has been based in New York for many years.

Angel Collection from Glory by Jana Ele S is all made in New York

How to Join and Watch the Glory Angelic Fashion Show

Register for the show at There will be a VIP lounge access for VIP tickets only which are $65 and General Admission tickets at $40. There is limited seating and it is advisable to book your spots at least 3 days before the show which will happen on September 18, 2021. For those who cannot make it at the live fashion show, there will be an airing virtually for those who can't attend in person.

All pre-sale orders for each of the creations in the Angel Collection will start at midnight on September 19, 2021. The Angel Collection will be also shown at the Paris Fashion Week in February 2022, stay tuned for this on the Glory By Jana Ele S website.


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