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The Best Trends in Fashion Spotted in New York for Summer 2021

summer 2021 fashion trends

As the summer months in New York approach quickly, it's time to talk about top summer trends. From accessories to complete summer dress, check out some chic ideas and discover the top 10 fashion trends in New York for this summer.

Spotted in Manhattan

Manhattan is home to the Fashion District so it is no surprise that some of the top summer trends can be spotted here. Discover these top trends below!

Chic Embroidered Jackets

Home to the financial district and the famous Wall Street, Manhattan is known for the financial and commercial markets so it is no surprise that a business casual style is in.

Chic embroidered coats come in a variety of colors and styles but one of the top coats that is trending now is the Single-Breasted Cady Jacket from Miu Miu which is also offered in white.

This modern look highlights the sophistication that is found on the streets of Manhattan. The embroidering and detailed tailoring offer an exclusive look that will elevate your elegance and glamour.

Early 2000’s Monogram Baguette Bags

early 2000s fashion
Early 2000s Fashion is Back

Accessorizing your outfit with a monogram baguette bag will have Manhattan’s fashion idols asking for your monogram. These chic bags are no new trend, as top celebrities from the early 2000s such as Paris Hilton were notorious for having this bag in hand.

Nevertheless, the trend is back and better than ever before this summer in Manhattan as the star Emma Roberts was seen with the new Fendi Baguette Bag at the relaunch event.

Chic in Soho

Soho is known for its fashionable boutiques that always carry new trendy items. Uncover some of the best chic looks in New York below.

Geometric-shaped Sunglasses

chic black sunglasses
Geometric Fashion

The fashion trends in Soho have always been a little out of the box which is why it comes as no surprise that the latest eyewear trend happens to be geometric-shaped sunglasses.

The culture of Soho is all about a unique look so what better way to learn how to set yourself apart from others than to accessorize your outfit with some oddly shaped luxury sunglasses. The Prada Symbole Sunglasses offer the perfect avenue to mastering this stunning look and spicing up any outfit.

Trendy Loungewear Shorts

Soho is known for its trendy fashion so the fact that these shorts can be seen on almost every outing is a clear sign that these are in. This trend will keep you cool and comfortable as you walk to the streets of Soho.

The neighborhood of Soho is known as a place for youthful trends so what better way to keep yourself feeling young than to wear an outfit that you are comfortable moving in.

Discover this look at Balenciaga for a luxurious pair of sweat shorts that will keep you looking youthful and trendy all at once. This look is perfect for anyone and can be worn around the house and can also be easily dressed up for a fancy outing.

Ever Trendy in Brooklyn

The fashion in Brooklyn is like no other. Discover these unique trends below to learn more about what’s popular this summer for New York fashion.

The Athletic Jersey Fashion

basketball jersey fashion
Trendy Athletic Outfits

Brooklyn is known as the melting pot for a variety of cultures and one thing that brings this diverse community together is its love for sports and entertainment.

The athletic jersey trend that one of the top looks in New York this summer represents this passion and loyalty for the game.

Brought to you by designer Yossi Shetrit, a new exclusive jersey from Adolescent screams trendy in this concrete jungle. This jersey honors Kobe Bryant after his recent and heartbreaking death and the mental toughness of New York. New York Strong!

Luxury Vintage

vintage chic clothing
Vintage Style Clothing

The artistic direction that is present in Brooklyn can be truly appreciated in the latest New York trend of luxury vintage.

Vintage, like art, is one of a kind so it is no surprise that this trend has popped up in this hotspot of New York. Discover some of the best of the best from this trend can be found at Designer Revival, a consignment store in New York.

Fashion Hits in the Bronx

It is not uncommon to find the best trends regularly popping up in this borough. Explore some of New York’s latest fashion hits below.

NY Baseball Hats

New York yankees baseball hat
Summer Hours At Yankee Stadium

Home of the New York Yankees, New York baseball pride is present this summer more than ever with the new NY baseball hat trend. Located in the Bronx is the Yankee Stadium so it is no surprise that this trend is thriving here.

The versatile trendy hat is both functional and fashionable. Uncover one of the most stylish NY baseball hats at Todd Synder with their Toddy Snyder + New Era 59Fifty Adjustable British Millerain Cap in Olive.

Chelsea and Upper East Side Trends

Style in Chelsea and the Upper East Side is both sophisticated and elegant. Learn about some of New York’s most fashionable looks from these neighborhoods below.

Plaid Fleece Shorts

plaid pants mens fashion
Plaid Fashion

Plaid print is one of the new trendiest looks this summer in New York so why not wear it in shorts form to keep you cool during the heat?

Chelsea is home to bright and sassy fashion trends so this plaid fleece shorts trend couldn’t fit in better. This look is bold and screams confidence.

These magnificent shorts are multifaceted--dress them up with a blazer or dress it down with a chic t-shirt! Discover these luxurious checkered shorts at Supreme and you will fall in love with the Chelsea look.

The Silk Satin Top

silk tank tops
Silk Camisole Top

If luxury had a best friend it would be the Upper East Side of New York. Here you will find people wearing all of the latest best design trends and one of the favorites for this summer is the satin silk top. This chic look is both sexy and comfortable making it the perfect top to wear out to your favorite fancy Upper East Side restaurant. Indulge in this exquisite trend at Saint Laurent where they have introduced a silk satin top in black as a part of their latest Summer 2021 collection.

Open-Toed Leather Sandals

open toed sandals business casual
Yellow Sandals

One of the most popular footwear on the Upper East Side of New York is the open-toed leather sandal because it provides cool airflow in the summer heat while also fitting the Upper East Side's luxury vibe.

Indulge in this luxury trend with Givenchy’s G sandal in leather which is a part of their new summer 2021 collection. Leather sandals provide a custom fit that is both comfortable and stylish.

All photos in the article are sourced from the brands mentioned and are copyright-free. Support your local shops in your neighborhood!


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