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Best 5 Star Hotels Offering A Unique Luxurious Summer Experience

Los Angeles Skyline

At the heart of America’s film and television industry lies the city of angels. Los Angeles is known for its gorgeous summer weather and luxurious experiences that attract all sorts of people, particularly in the summer months. With all of the incredible attractions LA has to offer, it is important to find the best place to stay for you.

As the weather gets nicer this summer, adventure out of the house to discover some of the most special experiences at some of the city's finest 5-star hotels. These experiences include running into your favorite celebrity at the Chateau Marmont, experiencing Kimpton La Peer’s renowned pop-ups, discovering some of Los Angeles’ finest art pieces and design at Santa Monica Proper Hotel, basking in your own private oasis at Hotel Bel Air, and investing in your personal wellness at the SLS Hotel’s Spa.

Here are the top 5-star hotels that will offer you a one-of-a-kind luxury experience that will take your summer to the next level.

Chateau Marmont

lounge chairs by the pool
Lounging Poolside

Known as Hollywood’s renowned place for celebrity sightings, don’t be surprised if you run into your favorite movie star while lounging by the refreshing swimming pool.

Located in the heart of West Hollywood Hills, this hotel tells the stories of Old Hollywood through its historic guest list. Some entertainment stars that have frequented the Chateau Marmont often include Howard Hughes, Bob Dylan, Lindsey Lohan, and Mick Jagger. The architecture of the hotel emulates the Château d'Amboise, a luxury French retreat located in the Loire Valley in the center of France.

Notorious for its glamorous party scene, this hotel stands out from other luxury hotels with its incredible Bar Marmont that makes you feel as if you are drinking cocktails on The Red Carpet.

The Chateau Marmont has it all. Indulge in one of many spectacular weekend getaways in LA at one of their private suites, bungalows, or exclusive penthouses for your summer getaway of a lifetime. All rooms offer a one-of-a-kind view of the city of angels or the pristine Pacific Ocean.

Kimpton La Peer Hotel

Two Women Singing
Outdoor Concert

The artisan hotel offers a luxury stay in one of Los Angeles’ most fun to explore neighborhoods, the Design District. It is perched in between two famous streets, Melrose Avenue and Santa Monica Boulevard. Located only a mile away from Rodeo Drive, this hotel allows you to enjoy the summer air and fashion as you explore all things luxury that west Hollywood has to offer.

This chic hotel is famous for its grandeur with feathered chandeliers and chiseled walls. The secluded outside area is perfect for summertime in Los Angeles with its outdoor pool and patio bar featuring live music that gives off European vibes. Not to mention the garden is absolutely stunning, especially with all of the flowers blooming in the warm summer air.

Cool down with a complimentary glass of crisp wine during happy hour after a hot summer’s day while enjoying the exclusive Italian trattoria, cooked fresh by the famous Chef Casey Lane.

What sets the Kimpton La Peer Hotel apart from other luxury hotels is its constant pop-ups that include new restaurants, personal trainers, and other trendy exclusivities from LA’s finest.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to stay at one of these distinctive luxury hotel rooms this summer!

Proper Hotel Santa Monica

relax by the pool
Summer Poolside

This incredible hotel properly combines vintage style with contemporary splendor, modeled by eccentric furniture and beautiful statement pieces. What sets this hotel apart from other luxury hotels is the design of the hotel which is credited to the talented American icon Kelly Wearstler. The design is sophisticated and yet so original you cannot help but spend hours roaming the place appreciating the organic look. Not to mention, the hotel is well lit with sunlight so you can soak up some summer rays.

The Proper Hotel Santa Monica is the first and only luxury lifestyle 5-star hotel in the Santa Monica area. It offers three extravagant restaurants with renowned dishes, a grand rooftop pool, and a relaxing spa. Not to mention, this incredible place is located right across the street from one of LA’s finest beaches.

This wonderful establishment radiates positivity and relaxing vibes. Lounge by the pool and stare out into the unbeatable sunset over the pacific ocean for a top summer experience. Indulge in a holistic spa day that will get you that summer glow you have been craving. You can even rent out bikes and surfboards to explore nearby areas and the sea if that is your vibe too! The opportunities for the best summer yet are endless at the Proper Hotel Santa Monica.

Hotel Bel Air

hotel logo
Hotel Bel Air Los Angeles

This hidden gem offers a luxurious garden getaway that is truly exceptional. This incredible hideout, tucked away in the hills of Bel-Air, offers an exclusive private summer experience.

Lounge by the pool and take in the beautiful sight of four lovely swans dancing in the distance. The lush vegetation surrounding the sanctuary adds a peaceful glow that will stick with you throughout the entire duration of your stay.

The hotel is a main host of exhibitions that highlight the artistic talent of the surrounding community from both the past and the present. This attribute sets Hotel Bel Air apart from others as it brings the art and talent to you rather than making you go and seek it out. Prepare to be truly inspired by exceptionally talented artists and photographs.

The location of Hotel Bel Air could not be more perfect as it is far enough from Beverly Hills that you feel like you are in a secluded tropical oasis but close enough that convenience is not compromised. What better way to spend your summer than to take space for yourself in your own private sanctuary where the focus is always on you?

SLS Hotel at Beverly Hills

upscale pools
Luxury Pools and Living

At the SLS Hotel at Beverly Hills, hospitality is always a priority. This summer, indulge yourself in some of the most distinctive and upscale customer service experiences at this fine hotel which seeks to make your stay this summer about you and your preferences.

The best place to soak in some summer rays is at SLS hotel’s Terrace Room which transports you into a private and comfortable oasis. Need a break from the hot summer sun? Then try out the Ciel Spa by Pearl Wellness which offers the complete Biologique Recherché facial and other incredible anti-aging treatments. For guests who are experiencing jet lag, experience immediate relief after indulging in the spa’s IV Nutrient Therapy or Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy.

For those who want to get into a workout grind, explore all the high-end fitness equipment and peloton machines for a sweat you won’t be able to get anywhere else. Cool off after a long workout at the rooftop pool which is embellished with lively, one-of-a-kind statues and scenic views in LA. Encounter true wanderlust as you gaze out at the famous Hollywood sign and vibrant city life. Indulge in this eye-opening experience this summer for a lavish trip you won’t be able to forget.

All photos are sourced from the hotel’s website or Instagram pages or are free from copyright. Support your local businesses!


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