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The Black Point Inn: An Oceanfront Luxury Experience

Situated in the beautiful oceanfront peninsula of Prouts Neck, the Black Point Inn offers you comfort and luxury in Scarborough, Maine. With an on-site restaurant and a long list of amenities, this hotel can satisfy all your vacation needs.

Initially called Southgate House, the Black Point Inn dates back to 1878. The region was first colonized by the English in the 1600s, and has hosted quite a few esteemed guests, such as former governors of neighboring states. Since then it transformed into a perfect getaway spot along the Atlantic for travelers from all around the world.

CTW spoke with Margaret Carbin, and employee of the Black Point Inn, to gain some insight on the property:

CTW: What is a typical stay like for guests?

MC: The Black Point Inn is a historic Maine hotel right on the oceanfront. From the charming lobby to the spacious 25 rooms, to the cozy atmosphere of the two restaurants, the Inn can be suitable for anyone. A typical stay would include access to the pool out back, the beach across the street, and the tennis and golf clubs right down the road. A night’s stay can include just breakfast or dinner as well in one of two dining rooms. The Chart is a pub style restaurant with a full bar and an outside patio, open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. If you are looking for something fancier there is also a formal dining room called The Point that has a quieter and more relaxed atmosphere. The staff is extremely friendly and willing to go the extra mile to anyone’s stay spectacular.

CTW: What are some things to do around town?

MC: The Inn is located in a secluded area of Scarborough, Maine with not much surrounding it. Yet it is still the perfect spot for a vacation with the beach right across the street, tennis and golf clubs right down the road and a beautiful cliff walk along the ocean. At the end of the cliff walk you will end up at world-renowned artist Winslow Homer’s studio where you can see some of his beautiful works of art. If you are looking more to do, the city of Portland is a 15 minute drive away with plenty of shops, restaurants and night life.

CTW: What are your guests typically like?

MC: Our target market would most likely be upper-class middle aged adults looking for a romantic weekend getaway. As beautiful as the Inn is, it is on the pricier side due to its beautiful location and five star dining. Therefore our typical guests tend to be wealthier couples or families who live in big cities but our looking for a relaxing week or weekend getaway.

CTW: Do you get many international travelers or mostly just Americans?

MC: We do get some international travelers from time to time, but for the most part our guests are typically American.

CTW: In your opinion, what’s the best part of the inn?

MC: For me, my favorite part of the inn is the view from the Chart room restaurant. It looks right out over the ocean and no matter what the weather or what time of day, the view is always amazing; especially at sunset!

CTW: What does the future of the Black Point Inn look like to you?

MC: The Black Point Inn is part of the Migis Hotel Group who owns 8 hotels and inns around Maine and Massachusetts and they are currently working on opening two more. As for the Black Point Inn, it has been open and successful for almost 100 years and hopefully it will continue that way for 100 more!

CTW: Anything else to add that potential customers should know?

MC: The Black Point Inn is seasonal therefore it is only open from May to November. Regardless of the fact that it is closed during winter time, it is a perfect place to vacation any other time of the year.

The inn is accessible by car, by flight via the Portland Jetport, and especially by sea. The Prouts Neck Yacht Club offers docking just 30 meters from the hotel.

In addition to its luxurious amenities and prime location, the inn also boasts another benefit: it’s Green Certified. As a partner of the State of Maine’s Department of Environmental Protection the Black Point Inn has earned its title as a Certified Environmental Leader in Hospitality for acts such as refillable shampoo/conditioner dispensers, composting of kitchen waste, and their geothermal heating/cooling system. The property also attempts to reduce water waste in laundry and provides recycling containers throughout the site. On the business end, the hotel ensures sustainability of their supply chain when harvesting Maine seafood (a major attraction).

On your next trip, head to Scarborough, Maine for the luxury experience of a lifetime. Enjoy the private beach, yoga classes, and the famous Prouts Neck cliffwalk for an unforgettable vacation.

CTW Rrecommends a stay at The Black Point Inn. Make your reservation today – call (207) 883-2500 or book online.

Photos courtesy of the Black Point Inn.


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