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Parisian Décor: Social Media’s New Favorite Décor Inspiration

Anyone scrolling through social media and its latest trends can probably tell you about the stylistic takeover of Parisian décor. Though the French have always embodied the ultimate fashion sense, admiration of their simple, elegant style has now moved from people’s closets into their homes via a fresh design. The Parisian look is now top-of-the-charts for interior design styling thanks to a modern, minimalist take on the classic French flair.

Paris Across the World

The surge towards obtaining décor pieces has been massive all around the world, proving how powerful social media has been in influencing the spread of the popular design. Pinterest, TikTok, and Instagram have broadcasted the simple elegance of users’ updated home décor, illuminating the fact that the trend has reached homes in many large countries, including the United Kingdom, United States, Canada, and Australia.

Contemporary & Classic

Despite French Country being France’s most globally known style, Parisian décor has now become the country’s leading interior design style to mimic. Characteristically, the Parisian style involves a minimal and modern twist on the usual French home design, however, ignores the distressed and weathered look of the latter. The Parisian signature white walls allow for a clean and neutral space for intentional décor, and large windows illuminate the space with natural light. The white walls open up the room, meanwhile creating a harmony with the traditional intricacy of French apartments.

Parisian décor creates a space where contemporary pieces and vintage chic are able to coexist. Due to the smaller sizes of Parisian apartments, it is common to find modern armchairs adorning the room instead of the usual sofa. Statement armchairs make their presence known through clean architecture, chic velvet fabric, and sleek minimalism, updating the space with an airy freshness. Chandeliers, the iconic French lighting fixtures, are characteristic of Parisian décor and a must-have when bringing France into your home design. Small décor pieces—such as books, vases, and candles—are the dainty items that invite Parisian simplicity into your home.

It isn’t uncommon to find vintage pieces in the modernized style, an easy way to incorporate an antique flair into the contemporary design. That being said, there are often time-weathered patterned rugs decorating the parquet flooring and small statue busts perched upon the mantle. Dried flowers—including Instagram’s viral pampas grass—add an aged yet refined feel to the aesthetic of the room.

Signature Parisian Pieces

Minimalism is key when channeling Parisian styling into your home, and there is a delicate balance to remember when decorating the modernized space. There is a sophisticated simplicity in Parisian decorating and furnishing, creating an atmosphere where each piece has the opportunity to speak for itself and is granted ample room to breathe.

Gold mirrors are a Parisian must-have when bringing the classic style into your home. The signature French trumeau—large ornate mirrors placed atop a fireplace mantle—is a mandatory statement piece for those switching up their style. It adds an elegant touch, meanwhile integrating a brightness and spaciousness to the room. Unsurprisingly, gold-rimmed mirrors are the décor item everyone has been rushing to get their hands on. With a harmonious balance between ornate and minimal, the statement piece is perfect for the modern Parisian glamor.

To bring an antique warmth into the home, purchasing an eye-catching chandelier is the way to go. Ranging from contemporary structures to dangling crystal masterpieces, the French staple is nothing less than impeccable ceiling artistry. By replacing your basic ceiling fan with a sparkling light fixture, it alters the space’s mood more than you might expect. A chandelier is an elegant French staple, something you are sure to find in every French home or Parisian apartment. Adding it to your home will bring a major “wow” factor into the room and pull together the Paris-inspired décor beautifully.

Whether books may be your escape from reality or something you rarely have time for, they are simple yet classy pieces to decorate your trendy room with. The French are known for their air of sophistication and intelligent prowess, so adorning your coffee table, bookshelves, or mantle with literature is the perfect way to channel Parisian style. Social media has been taken by storm books as décor, people sharing their selection of coffee table books and others flipping the publications on their shelves around to have their pages facing outwards instead of the spine. Having volumes on your coffee table or shelving connects it to the other decorated space in the room, meanwhile creating a design-consistent décor piece that surely screams “Parisian.”

White is the Parisian go-to when decorating or structuring a color scheme, and small statues are the foolproof way to incorporate more of the color into the room. Not only do the busts and statuesque pieces allude to the history of France, they also continue to beautify the space with clean and minimal structures. Placed on tables, shelves, mantles, or even resting on the floor, the white busts don’t fail to make a statement. If having functional, multi-purpose décor is something you prefer, feel free to add the Paris flair with statue vases instead. These vases—and ceramic-appearing busts—create the perfect opportunity to add an extra French touch with dried flowers while maintaining the antique feel.


Modern armchairs are the bold statement your Parisian home is begging for. Fresh, crisp lines and intriguing fabrics contrast against historic white walls and décor, bringing in the contemporary style. Velvet cushions are the go-to for chic lounge chairs, giving a luxury feel to the furniture piece. Mid-century designs are also spectacular choices, its sharp wooden architecture the perfect opportunity to incorporate a modern, streamlined look in the Parisian-styled room. Catching every eye, the signature armchair is not only your bold statement, but also your ultimate modern flair to classic Parisian luxe.


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