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Luxury Safari Adventures in Africa

From watching the stars of the night sky, walking amongst the Savannah, or swimming under a waterfall, planning a getaway to the beautiful landscape of Africa is undoubtedly a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The Luxury Safari Company, which offers numerous safari options all over the bush, jungles, and waters of Africa, is your go-to source to plan your next holiday.

Why we love the Luxury Safari Company:

The Luxury Safari Company is a charismatic business that caters to all your wishes, while remaining conscious of quality and flexibility. The team personally plans your trip so you get the most out of your experience, and with constant, updated contact on the ground of Africa, the Luxury Safari Company knows the best sources to ensure a memorable and comfortable trip. The company is also partnered with several conservation projects and community initiatives to guarantee responsible tourism and environmentally safe planning.

Below are The Luxe by CTW’s TOP 5 Safari Experiences, serviced by the Luxury Safari Company, to consider for your next big trip. Discover the beauty of lush plains, flowing rivers, and wondrous wildlife with these helpful tips.

Camel Safaris

What could be more interesting than exploring the beautiful lands of Northern Kenya on camel back? Learn about the historical and spiritual landscape as you ride peacefully through the bush with native tribesmen. The best part? Most camel trips are included in your stay if you are interested in unearthing the African culture in a local fashion.

Greystoke Mahale Chimpanzee Tracking

Relax on the beach of Lake Tanganyika with an incredible view of the Mahale Mountains. After enjoying a meal in this remote region of Tanzania or snorkeling along the coast, head into the jungle to observe a habituated group of chimps. The trip also includes a glimpse of the wonderful fauna the region has to offer, including butterflies, leopards, bushbuck, and native birds. Make sure you take advantage of the stunning views of the scenic rainforest in the comfort of your luxury cabana along the beach.

Bushmen Initiation Hunt

Located in Botswana, one of the ultimate safari locations, this cultural immersion takes you, as a sensible explorer, through the Sub-Saharan landscape. Alongside your knowledgable and experienced guide, you will observe the native people during a special and spiritual ritual. Not only can you watch the Bushmen, this trip also offers the opportunity to spend the night under the stars.

Meet the Meerkats at Camp Kalahari

Get up close and personal with a habituated family of meerkats in the acacias and palms of Hyaena Island. This unforgettable opportunity allows you to interact with the creatures as they climb atop you for a better vantage point of their surroundings—a truly incredible experience. The camp also offers several different guided tours among the enchanting African savannah, allowing you to discover game migration patterns, vibrant wildlife, and lush plains.

Devil’s Pool on the banks of the Zambezi River

Lastly, we recommend visiting “the smoke that thunders.” These immense waterfalls roar with natural wonder and beauty, and this unique retreat allows you to swim on the edge of the falls. Not only can you enjoy the haven of the Zambia region, you can visit a local school in the area and indulge in a gourmet dinner on a pontoon travelling along the river. The private cottages also enable you to relish in the majestic landscape surrounding Victoria Falls.

CTW recommends booking with The Luxury Safari Company for your next adventure in Africa. Visit

Photos courtesy of The Luxury Safari Company and Creative Commons


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