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  • Vanessa Liwanag

Park Central Hotel: Still One of the Best in New York

Nothing beats the strategic location of Park Central Hotel, an iconic establishment in the Big Apple that has seen the presence of numerous celebrated personalities since it was built in the 20s.

Reading up on the history of this famous institution, the likes of Glenn Miller and Tommy Dorsey, even First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt have all stayed in the hotel. Today, it has been newly renovated, retaining it's signature classic interiors. It remains on top of the list of anyone who would like the convenience of stepping out from it's wide luxurious marble-lined lobby and walking less than 5-minutes to reach everyone's favorite stroll and bike destination, Central Park.

Carnegie Hall, which is right across the hotel, is a delightful visit for many clients staying at the hotel who can easily cross over the most Instagrammed street in New York - 7th Avenue, and watch a concert or two. I heard that one of my close friends would be performing there with his orchestral group just the week after I visited New York, and the recommendation of staying at this hotel was very much appreciated given its superb location just right across where they would be performing classical hits for a sold-out crowd.

Another historical landmark near the hotel is the world-famous Times Square, which is just a 10-minute walk, passing by delicious delis and classic NY restaurants along the avenue. We heard that Carnegie Deli, beloved for its signature cheesecakes has already closed shop along 7th Avenue and if you are looking for a swanky modern resturant, open all day and night to satisfy your appetite after hours of walking around, we do suggest to try out Cafeteria which serves classic American dishes and freshly baked pastries.

Another top draw near Park Central Hotel is Broadway Avenue, and it is amazing to see the lights of New York and the business of people rushing home from work after 6PM on my way there to see one of the longest-running plays in the world - Fiddler on the Roof at the Broadway Theatre. This is a100% touristy thing to do in New York, but still a good idea to check on your bucket list as it will soon end its run and will have its final performance on the 31st of December 2017.

The experience of staying at the Park Central Hotel opened up easily the lovely possibilities that New York City has endlessly on offer - walking along Central Park, viewing world-class concerts in Carnegie Hall, grabbing a classic Pastrami sandwhich in one of the delis, watching Danny Burstein's amazing portrayal of Tevye on Broadway, and I haven't even started on the shopping part in 57th Avenue which is just a stone's throw away from the hotel!

Luxury shopping would then be next on the list on the next NY Fashion Week in September 2017 perhaps, and I would definitely stay again in Park Central Hotel for its excellent location and superb standing. As broadway plays and delis come and go, we know for sure that Park Central Hotel is here to stay.

The Luxe By CTW highly recommends staying at Park Central Hotel and visiting all the sights and iconic landmarks of New York in a day or two starting from there. Book your visit on their website.

Photos courtesy of Commons Wikimedia, Cafeteria Website, Pixabay and Park Central Hotel

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